Eva in Brussels, Belgium

Eva was born and raised in Brussels where she studied Contemporary Art History and Cultural Management. As far as she can remember she was always fascinated and passionate about anything related to art and culture, but mostly about the people who have the ability to create and transmit an idea through any kind of medium. During the last four years she has been living and working in Tel Aviv and London. She started a blog, The Bubblist, to share her experience with the local art scenes while still keeping an eye on Brussels.

Art in Brussels

What is your background in art?
I’ve studied contemporary art history and cultural management in Brussels’s university. During my studies I was an intern at Almine Rech Gallery and realized that the gallery format was not for me. I also worked for film festivals, and organized my first exhibition last year in Brussels. I’m currently working for a Design Studio in London, so art and creation is always in my life.
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6 Day Road Trip in California – Los Angeles > San Francisco > Yosemite and Back

This road trip was an introduction to California for me. I had just moved to Los Angeles from Seoul, South Korea and wanted to see as much of the state as possible before starting my 9 to 5. In early August, we drove up on Route 1 along the coast and it was gorgeous. Of course, it takes a lot longer than a direct route to San Francisco, but so worth it if you have the time. We stayed with friends in Oakland for three nights, which cut down on a major cost of visiting San Francisco, before heading toward Yosemite. Even in August, temperatures were low everywhere we went and I was wearing every warm layer I had with me the whole time.

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Exploring Art in Hanoi, Vietnam

I made art a priority in Hanoi, and I am so glad I did. The city is full of inspiring and illuminating work, all housed in dynamic creative spaces. Here is a roundup of three unique art spaces in Hanoi that can offer a deeper perspective of the city during your visit. I highly suggest you check them out, because there is no greater view into the soul of a culture than through its creatives.

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