Six Days in Vancouver

I’ve been hearing about how amazing Vancouver is forever. After moving to LA, it became the best choice for a Thanksgiving trip. Anywhere in the US would be shut down for at least a day, and it’s only a three hour plane ride away. We loved it. The food is great, the shopping is chic, the nature is stunning, and the nightlife is fun. It did rain for nearly the entire duration of the trip, but it was hardly an issue. We didn’t make it everywhere but we checked most things off the list and got a great feel for the city. 100% would go back. Here is a rundown of our itinerary:

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6 Day Road Trip in California – Los Angeles > San Francisco > Yosemite and Back

This road trip was an introduction to California for me. I had just moved to Los Angeles from Seoul, South Korea and wanted to see as much of the state as possible before starting my 9 to 5. In early August, we drove up on Route 1 along the coast and it was gorgeous. Of course, it takes a lot longer than a direct route to San Francisco, but so worth it if you have the time. We stayed with friends in Oakland for three nights, which cut down on a major cost of visiting San Francisco, before heading toward Yosemite. Even in August, temperatures were low everywhere we went and I was wearing every warm layer I had with me the whole time.

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9 Days in Cambodia

During our winter break from teaching in South Korea (Dec. 25, 2015 – Jan. 2, 2016), my friend and I took this well earned nine-day trip to Cambodia. It was incredible. Of course we wished we had a few more days, and we regret not paying our respects at the killing fields, but nine days was enough to see many different places and feel like we got to know the country. We split our time between Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Koh Rong, which was a good mix of city, history, and beach. Cambodia is one of, if not the, lowest priced countries in SE Asia, based on my experience, and one of my favorite countries I’ve visited!

You can find our itinerary below. For more info, see this post.
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