Wendy in Quebec City

This is a guest post by Wendy Bround, my mom! She grew up in Odessa, Texas and lived in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami before settling down in Madison, Wisconsin. Now retired, she is traveling and pursuing her love of the French language.

Last June my friend and I visited Quebec City for a two-week French Language immersion course at Merici College. I had taken four semesters of French in high school and two semesters in college. After our family trip to Brittany and Paris in 2007, I was inspired to revisit the French language. Two weeks after retiring in 2011, I started taking continuing ed classes at the University of Wisconsin and audited a first and second year French at a local liberal arts college. I also traveled to the Turtle Lake area in Minnesota to attend a one week French immersion course with Concordia University adult language camps. Eventually, I met a group who wanted to meet weekly with a tutor, which we’ve done for two years now. Going to this course in Quebec sounded like a great next step! After the course our husbands met us and we explored the city together.

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